Solid Surface Ovens 

Our Solid Surface Ovens have been carefully designed to heat solid surface materials quickly, uniformly, and affordably. They use a combination of infrared and convection technology to rapidly soak through your material without overheating it, making it much faster than a conventional oven. We manufacture and stock several standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available. 

The hood of the oven has been designed for easy access. A view window is conveniently located in the front of the oven for checking materials or pointing a laser thermometer. The SSO8, SSO12, and SSOPAN feature removeable legs for easy transportation and storage of the unit when not in use. The SSO12 fits a full 30"x144" sheet. The SSO612 is a 7" wide benchtop version of our Solid Surface Oven.

Many shapes can be easily formed with solid surface materials. Some brands will form easier than others and the correct bending temperatures may vary so the Ovens are easily adjustable. Most materials of varying thickness will form in any direction and into many shapes. 

Available Products

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items