Composite Board Forming Ovens 

Thermoforming Oven for Composite Boards.

Our composite board Ovens are much faster than conventional ovens because they use a combination of infrared and convection technology to rapidly soak through your composite board material without overheating it. The ability to form many different shapes with composite board materials opens up new creative possibilities. Our composite board ovens are easy to use and built to last.


  • Choose from our single or four board oven
  • Standard length of 12' with custom 16' option
  • Uses a combination of infrared and convection technology for fast penetration time
  • Clamshell hood opening for easy access
  • A clear viewing window is conveniently located in the front of the oven for checking materials or pointing a laser
  • Non-marking 3" grill
  • Variable oven temperature delivers a precise heating rate
  • Legs are removable for easy transportation and storage of the unit when not in use

We manufacture and stock standard sizes but custom sizes are also available for your custom needs.

Available Products

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items